Visitors who have not been to Manchester before might think that the city could be a bit sterile and centered around industry and business. This could not be further from the truth, and there are a lot of attractions to visit. Whether it is history, music or the arts that you are into, there is something for everyone in this city.

For the football fans, of course, there are the two guided tours on offer at Manchester United’s Old Trafford ground and Manchester City’s City of Manchester stadium. The city is also home to the National Football Museum.

Fans can tour the grounds, the trophy cabinets, and of course the hallowed dressing rooms where you can sit in the spots where your favorite starts get changed and warm up for home matches.

The city itself is a bustling metropolis, but there are many calm oases, such as the Manchester Cathedral, which was built in 1215. Prior to this place of worship, the same area was an old Saxon temple which dated back to circa 700.

If art is your thing, then the Manchester Art Gallery is definitely worth a visit. There are various exhibits to see, which change at various times of the year. From contemporary to pre-Raphaelite art, this gallery will surely fill in a morning or afternoon for any visitor.

Manchester exploded in growth in the 1800s due to the industrial revolution and the city was a pioneer in industrial science and technology. Much of this knowledge has been preserved in the city’s Museum of Science and Industry in the Castlefield area. The museum is spread over five listed historical buildings which even features a Victorian era sewer that you can walk through.

Another great attraction for history lovers is the Imperial War Museum This museum houses numerous artefacts and missives about the First and Second World Wars. There are many preserved war machines, such as tanks and aircrafts on display, as well as uniforms, medals and more importantly, the diaries written and kept by soldiers who fought in the two deadly conflicts.

If you are in Manchester, you are most likely on a boys’ weekend away for a stag do, or maybe your wife and her sister have dragged you and your brother in law on an extended shopping trip.

When away on a holiday, even if it’s a weekend break, the allure of a little casino flutter is all too appealing. You might not think that Manchester has that many land based casinos, but you would be surprised as there are actually four top notch ones within easy reach of the city.

The casinos in Manchester do not require you to be a permanent member and you can just sign up for a one off membership for the night, or the weekend if you fancy a cheeky night out on the tables or slots. Membership also gives you a few free hours of parking, plus you can sign up to the mailing lists to keep up to date with the latest offers, as well as getting notifications for live events, such as poker tournaments.

Aside from gambling facilities, these gambling halls offer world class restaurants, bars and occasional cabaret shows. If you are looking for business conference venues, all mentioned casinos offer this service, too.

The largest brick and mortar casino venue is the ultra modern Manchester 235 Casino. You can also choose from the Genting Club Manchester, the Grosvenor Casino in Didsbury, the Grosvenor Casino Manchester and the Grosvenor Casino Soames.

The numbers vary a little according to different sources, but there are about 50 live poker tables to play at with variations of the game including the good old fashioned Texas Hold ‘em, three card poker and Omaha.

You can also play Blackjack, dice, roulette, electronic roulette as well as over 130 video slots and old fashioned mechanical slots which you can choose from.

Manchester has always been a hotbed of musical talent and it remains to be a fertile ground for new bands today.

It all started off in the 1960’s and 1970’s with bands such as The Hollies and the Bee Gees producing music that really turned what was popular at the time on its head. While other cities in England built on trends, Manchester was very much a trend setter and continues to be to this day.

The city provided the early stamping ground for rock bands such as The Smiths, Joy Division and the Sex Pistols in the 1980s. The scene grew a bit more sedate in the 1990’s but Oasis and the Stone Roses as well as boy band wonders Take That produced some massive classic hits that are still played all over the world today.

Others bands such as James and the Chemical Brothers are still on the go today, touring and performing the world over.

The music industry is fluid though and there are many bands that have made it to the charts with massive hits such as Kid British, Billy Ruffian and Everything.

While Manchester is known for its clubbing scene, there are a lot of live music venues, ranging from concerts at City Hall and the football stadiums to clubs and small intimate gigs at pubs and bars. In today’s day and age, you can simply look online and see who is playing where, but Manchester has that exploration feel where you can literally walk around town and just look on the boards outside whatever club or pub you happen to be passing by to see who is playing.

The city really does encourage musical talent to shine through and many venues organize open microphone nights where anyone can just rock up and have a go at singing and playing their music to the audience.

The number twenty-one is often associated with the game Blackjack, and in this post, there are indeed twenty-one gambling and non gambling related reasons to visit Manchester.

  • You can watch Manchester City and Manchester United play and have a flutter;
  • There are four brick and mortar casinos in the city and within easy reach;
  • You can play Blackjack at all the casinos;
  • All the casinos offer live walk in poker events and perks with registration;
  • They all offer some of the latest video slot games as well as mechanical ones;
  • There are countless bookies where you can place a bet on anything from horse racing to soccer;
  • You can place bets on online platforms or play video slots wherever you are;
  • Shopping facilities are great, so you can let the wife go nuts on the credit card while you do your own thing;
  • The pubs in Manchester are cozy and friends are easy to make;
  • Manchester’s selection of beers, lagers and bitters is legendary;
  • The Prices for drinks are quite cheap;
  • The city has a great live music and club scene;
  • If you like history and boys’ toys, you can visit the Imperial War Museum;
  • Stand up comedy tours often come to town with some of the biggest names on the circuit;
  • If you are inclined towards the finer things in like, there are plenty of art galleries to visit;
  • Indoor skiing is available if you fancy a thrill – you and your mates can even have a private bet;
  • You can visit the set of legendary British soap opera Coronation Street;
  • It’s worth a visit just to hear the Mancunian accent;
  • The architecture in the city is impressive;
  • The Lake District is within driving distance and the scenery is stunning;
  • Manchester has an international airport that operates flights to and from all over the world!

While Manchester is a bustling and busy city, there is a lot of countryside to be enjoyed if you leave the city, especially to the North.

If you have a car, then a visit to one of the Lake District towns, such as Windermere is highly recommended although it is a one and a half hour drive. That might be too much for a day trip, but there are literally hundreds of bed and breakfast accommodation properties in the surrounding areas. The Lake District is absolutely stunning and you can travel across the waters from Windermere to places such as Keswick, Ambleside and Kendal.

If you do not have the time or inclination to venture out that far, there is still a lot of scenic countryside to be enjoyed around Manchester. There are hundreds of beautiful little villages that are linked by canals and waterways that hark back to the wool and textile production era.

There are plenty of country walks and bridle paths that can be enjoyed by any visitor. The countryside surrounding Manchester is largely rolling, so while some of the walks – particularly in the wooded areas – can be a little bit challenging for the inexperienced rambler, most are rather sedate and flat. Besides, there are many little quaint pubs and villages that you can stop at for a spot of lunch or a pint of Manchester’s beloved bitter ale.

If you want to enjoy scenery that is a bit more rugged, then you can always opt for a drive through the South Pennine mountain region. These areas are serviced by buses and trains, but if you plan to visit them, then you really should aim to have your own transport.

The area is also known for some amusing village names which include Diggle, Dobcross and Ramsbottom, along with a host of others. Some are mere hamlets, but in this part of the world, you are always assured to find a country pub or inn to rest at for an hour or so.

One of the top reasons why people visit Manchester is the wealth of shopping that can be done at great value for money.

Even when factoring in the cost of flights and accommodation, shopaholics from the UK as well as Continental Europe flock to the city because they know they can get some great bargains at the boutique shops as well as the huge shopping centers that are within easy reach.

If you are after something special, then the boutique zones can be found in New Cathedral Street, Spinningfields as well as King Street where shoppers can mill around to their heart’s content to find that unique item that you can’t find anywhere else.

For those that love vintage clothes, records, accessories and curios, then just head down to the Northern Quarter. The countless cafes, arcades, bars and vinyl shops, coupled with creative start-ups will have your head spinning as you try and juggle the hundreds of items that will catch your eye.

For those that prefer the High Street brands, there are four major shopping areas. The Manchester Arndale and the intu Trafford Centre will offer shoppers choice from the United Kingdom’s biggest brands.

There are also child care centers and activity centres here, so if those that have families feel like some down time, this is the place to be. You can drop the kids (or husband) off for the day while you browse the thousands of stores and shop till you drop. The centers are also home to many restaurants, cafes and eateries.

Those that prefer outdoor shopping can do the rounds at Exchange Square or Market Street. There is plenty of parking and if you do not have your own wheels, you can simply get there by bus or on the city Metrolink. Manchester really is a shopper’s paradise.

If you plan to visit Manchester from overseas, the best way to get there is by air. Manchester International airport is only 14.5 kilometers away from the city center and it only takes about 25 minutes to get there by taxi or car. It takes even less when using the dedicated express train service which runs every half an hour or so. The train only takes about 20 minutes and costs between 3 and £4 for a single fare.

Manchester airport is served by around 200 flights per day worldwide, including nine daily direct flights to and from the United State. The airport is also served by flights from London and other major European airports, including Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, Frankfurt and Brussels – amongst others.

If you are already in the United Kingdom, one of the easiest ways to get to Manchester is by train and there are direct routes to most major cities and towns while there are numerous connections to other departure points which do not have a direct route.

London is usually the preferred point of departure and trains take about two hours to get to Manchester if there are no delays. Once in Manchester, there is a Metrolink tram network that offers connections to other parts of the city and the outlying suburbs.

Other popular routes into Manchester include Newcastle (2hrs 30 mins), Edinburgh (3 hours 30 mins), Birmingham (1hr 30 mins) and Bristol (3 hours). The United Kingdom has an extensive motorway network and it is very easy to drive into the city. A GPS system is recommended, but the M60 ring road motorway allows for access from virtually every direction.

It takes about three hours and 40 minutes to drive from London to Manchester on the M40 motorway on a day with light to moderate traffic.

Manchester is home to two of the biggest clubs in English Premier League soccer. The two powerhouses are not only domestic powerhouses, but also massive names on the European and world stages.

Manchester United and Manchester City both have a massive support base, even though the city that they call home has a population of 2.5 million, counting the suburbs of Greater Manchester.

Football and betting go hand in hand, and while you can still place bets at the stadiums themselves, there are online platforms, such as 777 casino that offer the opportunity to place all sorts of bets on the teams’ results as well as first scorer, half time score, number of goals, corners, free kicks, red and yellow cards and many more.

Manchester United, the Red Devils, as they are known, play at the hallowed ground of Old Trafford, a massive structure that can fit 75,000 seated spectators. The ground is always packed for any match, but the Red Devils also have a cult international following, with huge shirt sales around the world.

Manchester City, the Sky Blues, play at the City of Manchester Stadium, which houses some 55,000 spectators. Both teams compete in the Premier League and meet at least twice a year. But they also cross paths in the FA Cup and the League Cup as well as European competitions. Because the two teams are such bitter rivals, the odds that are offered on match day are always quite favorable and if the punter calls it right, they could strike it lucky and win big.

The games are always super-derbies because the players, spurred on by the crowd, are not only playing for their salaries and league position, but also for the pride of the shirt. Even when they play in the league, the intensity of the games is so high that they are more like cup games. While form is usually a good indicator, a potential punter must be very careful in placing bets because derby games have a habit of upsetting the odds.