British authorities have updated the rules for entry to England and put the first dozen or so countries on the green list. Travel to the Isles from those countries will still mean you’ll need to take at least two tests for coronavirus, however.

Starting May 17, England will lift the mandatory quarantine and ban on foreign travel without a valid and justifiable reason for the first green-listed countries.

Entry into England from listed countries will be possible, but two COVID-19 tests will still be required – the first test will need to be done before arrival and the second on the second day after arrival. Only if both tests are negative will we be released from quarantine.

However, the green list includes only 12 countries and dependent territories where the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic is most under control. Poland is not on it, as well as most European countries. Australia, Brunei, the Falkland Islands, the Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, Iceland, Israel, New Zealand, Portugal, Singapore, South Georgia and South Sandwich and St. Helena are on the list.

Poland, like most countries in Europe is on the amber list, where there are countries from which travel to the UK requires a first test for coronavirus before travel, and on arrival in England you must go into 10-day quarantine, during which time you must take two consecutive tests for COVID-19, on the second and eighth day of quarantine – the quarantine can be shortened to 5 days after an additional third test.

The English authorities have also drawn up a red list, which now includes 43 countries where the outbreak is most severe (including Brazil, South Africa and India) – travel to England from “red countries” involves quarantine in a government-designated hotel.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have not indicated when they plan to ease severe travel restrictions. Government decisions in the British Isles are forcing carriers to extend the suspension of flights to the United Kingdom. Most flights from Poland to the UK are currently unavailable until at least mid-June.

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