Passenger airport is a large, complex organism that allows efficient handling of passengers and cargo. In order to get to know the principles of its functioning, it is necessary to familiarize oneself with the entities functioning within it.


An airport is often referred to as an airport operator or owner. It is a legal entity which, within the framework of applicable regulations, manages the area of an airport, determines the principles of operation of other companies within the airport, organizes air and passenger traffic and manages terminals. The scope of activity of companies managing airports is strictly defined by law.

There are other independent companies operating within the Airport that handle air traffic.


Airlines are companies that operate under strictly defined rules of international law and the law of the country in which they are registered. They transport passengers and cargo, operating between airports.
A passenger who buys a ticket for a given flight becomes a client of the airline, while the airline is the main client of the airport and other companies operating within its borders.

Handling Agent

Handling agents are companies that operate within the Airport and deal with passenger service in the passenger terminal (baggage check-in, ticket servicing) and on the airport’s apron (transporting passengers to the plane, loading and unloading luggage and goods). The quality of airline passenger service depends mainly on the employees of handling agents.

Customs and border services

In order to ensure the highest safety standards in air transport, each passenger must undergo a detailed check during check-in in the passenger terminal. Each piece of baggage is also checked before loading. These checks are carried out by Customs and Border Protection officers working at the airport. There are Airport Transfer from Airport to city center.


Police officers ensure the safety of travelers in and around the passenger terminal and guard other facilities located at the Airport.


The catering company is responsible for preparing and delivering the food on board the plane. Airlines use their services to provide passengers with the highest possible comfort.
Additionally, in many airports, catering companies run their bars and restaurants on the premises of the airport.

Fire department

The Airport Fire Department is an independent rescue and firefighting unit equipped with specialized equipment for rescue and firefighting operations. Airport rescue services also supervise aircraft refueling.

Security – Airport Security Guard

SOL (Airport Security Guard) is a specialized service which ensures the safety of passengers, aircraft and employees. SOL operates on the whole airport area and controls people who enter restricted areas of the airport.

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