Manchester United is without a doubt the most popular and most famous football club in England. They play in the top division of English football and are based in the city of Manchester. The club has won more trophies than virtually any other team in English football, including a remarkable 20th century record 18 League titles, 12 FA Cups, five League Cups and an amazing record 21 FA Community Shields. In fact in 1998 alone, the club was the first in English football history to reach the continental European final. Since then it has been nothing short of a juggernaut in the sport.

Manchester United

However what has made Manchester United such a success is its ability to attract a huge number of supporters. And these fans not only follow their team on a regular basis, many have travelled all over Europe to be a part of this historic feat. Some of the players have even stayed in Europe to gain more experience. This has not always worked out well as many players have gone on to become successful at their own clubs.

Despite being based in the UK, Manchester United has never built a stadium of its own. This means that all of their games are played outside of the grounds of the stadium, at local grounds. So why has there been so much expansion at the Manchester United Stadium? The main reason is because the club has seen such fantastic success with its capacity for producing tickets. In fact the average stadium is sold out several times over.

To gain further ground on its competitors, Manchester United has added the Allcheon Stadium to its list of venues. This venue is a smaller sized one than the Allcheon Stadium, but is still large enough for football fans to see their team play. Although it only seats around half the capacity of the original stadium, there is still a tremendous atmosphere in the air. With that said, many of the players who have graced these grounds have become legends. Goals by legends David Beckham and Sir Alex Ferguson have created some of the best atmospheres in the world. In fact the atmosphere was actually cited as one of the main reasons why the players did not sign with Manchester United when signing.

There are two other stadiums in Manchester that have held significant importance to the Manchester United football club. These stadiums are both familiar to United supporters, especially the hardcore fans. The Metro Radio Arena and the Old Hall are both listed among the top stadiums in the UK. Both have hosted several major events in the UK, including football cup finals. With that in mind one could argue that the popularity of both locations is due to those big matches, rather than the smaller local events.

Another Manchester Stadium – Sports Village

The third stadium that is situated in Manchester is the Sports Village. This retail and visitor centre offers many different facilities for fans. Live events are continually hosted here and there is always plenty going on. Part of the facility is a large video screen that shows highlights of all of the football club’s games. There is also a dedicated area for children, where they can watch games and even attend matches.

Regardless of the venue that is being used for United matches, the fans will be able to witness one of the main reasons why the club has become so successful. Passionate fans are able to fill the stadium to their hearts content, irrespective of the weather conditions. They have given the football club an identity that will last a very long time. It is a stadium that represents everything that the fans stand for. It is a place where people from all parts of the world come together.

Although the fans have given the football club an identity, it is the management team that has done a lot to ensure that it continues to grow and become a success. They have worked hard to attract more fans to the stadium, in order to ensure that the atmosphere is some of the best in the world. With all the work that has been done by the club’s management and the fans, it is expected that the future of the stadium will be safe. It will not be long before we see the end of the stands being torn down and the construction workers building a brand new stadium.

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